Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Compute needs - for Flash10 video on Beagle/ EVM

This post addresses queries on "what compute resources" (MHz, RAM) are required for Flash10 processing on Beagle (DM3730) and the EVM.

The analysis was conducted on DM3730 EVM (256 MB RAM, 800 MHz Cortex-A8), and Beagle-XM (512 MB RAM, 1 GHz Cortex-A8), running Vanilla Linux 2.6.32/ 37.

The key software dependencies for Flash10, are documented in the below link. These include Xorg, Firefox browser, and Enlightenment or other. It has been documented to work with Ubuntu on Beagle as well.

The links at the bottom of the article contain the full analysis. Summary below:

1. Summary on DM3730 EVM with optimised Flash10 plugin

Memory - 256 MB

Data flow/scenario - With DSP H264 Decoder - Decode buffers allocated with CMEM, optimised data flow - no copies to/from decoder (The same setup is available on Beagleboard as well)

Process 1 Flash10 plugin 217324 kiloBytes

Process 2 xorg 43188 kiloBytes

Process 3 firefox 187540 kiloBytes

CPU usage when playing Youtube videos fullscreen on a 720P monitor - upto 30%

2. Summary on BeagleXM

Memory 512 MB

Data flow/scenario - With software H264 decoder (Beagle-XM is supported by the DSP optimised Flash10 decoder - this page is only for analysis)

Process 1 Flash10 plugin 120520 kiloBytes

Process 2 xorg 33772 kiloBytes

Process 3 firefox 195136 kiloBytes

Process 4 enlightenment 25432 kiloBytes

Links to full analysis:

Using DSP on DM3730:

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