Sunday, July 31, 2011

3Q.2011 SGX Graphics package now available !

3Q.2011 package (version is now available for TI AM/DM platforms with SGX IP. This is a major update.

Key features taken from release notes:

  • [NEW] Xorg DRI/DRM driver support. Option supported to build for Xorg or non Xorg driver selectable via command line

  • [NEW] EGL_KHR_Image_Pixmap Extension support added

  • [NEW] Migrated to latest 1.6 IMG DDK -

  • [NEW] Migrated to new display driver (dc_omapfb3_linux) as part of the DDK migration

  • [NEW] Graphics SDK installer now supports both typical(complete) and custom installation(users can selectively install the required components only). The users can go with either GUI based installation which is intuitive or can go with command line(console) based installation with required command line options(will be displayed on running the installer with --help option

  • [NEW] Graphics SDK Unit test report is now available in the release package(can be found under unittest folder present at Graphics installation root directory with file name : Graphics_SDK_4_04_00_01_Test_report.xls)

  • Bug fixes

This has been tested with Qt/QWS 4.6.3 and later (Qt needs a patch as described in earlier blog posts).

More information on the package is available in the Release Notes archive at,

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