Thursday, September 22, 2011

3dfx - Video streaming with SGX/ Graphics SDK

Graphics SDK is now available, with a new component for video streaming added. This component "3dfx" is an API that allows developers to create UI applications that can pass multiple channels of video streams directly to SGX, and with zero copy approach, able to composite and display the video streams on the display. A working Graphics driver is required. Multiple pre-built templates (coverflow, mosaic, PIP) and complete source code are provided to configure how the video is displayed on the screen. No openGL programming is involved. There are four APIs for configuring this component:

  • Create(
  • Process(
  • Config(
  • Delete(

Applicable platforms and dependencies:

TI816x/389x. Though not tested on other SGX devices, should also work. CMEM, Graphics SDK are required.

Screenshots, and more information at,

TI Graphics SDK home page:

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