Saturday, January 5, 2013

Qt 5.0.0 Final (Dec 2012) - Available on TI Linux platforms with SGX

Latest version of Qt5 is now available on TI platforms. Configuration of Qt5 can be done with the conf files available at the below tree.

UPDATE FEB 2013: refer patch for eglfs at


- Download the latest Qt5 archive from

- Ensure a working root-filesystem, and a corresponding tool-chain is available for cross-compiling.  A sample (Ubuntu based) target root filesystem is provided at

- Extract the Qt5  archive

- Download the qt5 patches from the github tree into the qt5 source archive, make updates to match the target paths, and configure using the steps mentioned in the README at

Result of a successful configure should enable  NEON, GLES2, ICU, linuxfb, eglfs. ICU is needed for Webkit to be built. Post-configure, a regular make can be done.

After building qtbase, additional packages necessary for qt3d can be built - qtdeclarative, qtjsbackend.

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