Monday, July 18, 2011

TI SGX Graphics SDK - 3Q update nearing !

The 3Q update for the TI SGX Linux Graphics SDK is almost out from validation cycles. The 3Q update is expected to provide many updates including - a true DRI Xorg driver, support for the advanced SGX540 core, cool video+graphics demos, and other goodies. As mentioned in an earlier blog, extensive use has been made of tools like sgxdbgkm. Corresponding patches for Qt QWS+SGX operation have already been pushed for merges in the Qt mainline and being discussed there.


  1. Great !
    Can you confirm that it will be possible to build QT embedded or clutter for a pandaboard (omap4430 / SGX540) with this SDK ?
    That would be great because today the only stuff i found is the ubuntu omap distro and its pvr-omap4 package which is not what i need...


  2. The SDK will not support this officially, but we did validate with the drivers with Qt4.6.3. Check the latest release package 3Q.2011. You can follow us on Twitter at