Monday, April 8, 2013

Qt5 (minimal) on Beaglebone with Yocto

While eglfs works for most Qt5 applications on AM33x EVM/ derived boards, Yocto integration has not been done so far. This post introduces changes to get Qt5 built for Beaglebone using Yocto. Performance is not yet tuned, and all platform plugins are not yet available, but this will help teams starting on Beaglebone and related boards with Yocto. The output is a core-image-minimal Yocto image, with Qt5 (qtbase) example and dependencies added to the image.

To build Qt5 for Beaglebone, the below repos are needed:

Downloading the configuration files:
git clone git://
cd poky
git clone
git clone git://
git clone

Further information and next steps at,

- fonts are not installed to (image) target, so text is garbled
- eglfs with virtual/gles2 configuration update

- Qt 5.1 update
- webkit update
- Beaglebone itself runs only at 250 MHz (!) in the default Yocto core-image-minimal. To update with TI scripts for a better performance profile

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