Friday, April 5, 2013

1Q 2013 update of Linux Graphics SDK Release

1Q Linux Graphics SDK release is now available for download at-


New/Changes in this release
  • NEW  - Runtime PM support for AM335x
    1. Selectable option via command line during graphics SDK build (issue make help for details).
    2. Requires a kernel patch. Please refer to include/patches/Readme of the graphics sdk release package for more details.
  • NEW - Support for compilation against 3.8 kernel (build tested only.Please refer to release notes for details on kernel versions & toolchain used for validation).
  • NEW Validated on AM335x PG2.0 GP-EVM.   
Component Software version details used in this release
  • Based on the IMG Linux 1.9 DDK (1.9ED2188537)
  • Supports Xorg X Server 1.12.
  • PowerVR SDK3.0.
Please refer to the release notes for more details.

Release notes-

User guide-

Debugging guide-


  1. Is there any fixes at all in the PVR driver? (I read the Release Notes, but I'd like to double check.) My display is garbled when option flipchain is on, so I wonder if there is any fix related to that. Thanks.

    1. The changes in this release are listed in the above post & also in release notes. There is no additional fix in PVR driver apart from that. What device & what release are you using? What is the test case/demo you are running? Can you provide more details?

  2. I posted on TI linux and omap3x forums:

    1. OK, I have replied to that post.
      Lets further discuss on that post.


  3. Hi, Prathap.

    Do you have any information about X version which will be supported in the next release? Will you support at least X 1.13? Thanks.