Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Adobe Flash10.1 (with DSP H264) for Product Developers Now Available!

A new Flash10.1 update package, with DSP H264 acceleration is now available for product developers. The H264 acceleration is provided by the DSP based H264 codec from the TI DM3730 DVSDK package.

Applicable Platforms:



1. DM3730 DVSDK with H264 DSP codec (for using the H264 HW acceleration)

2. V4l2 plugin (for using the HW display functionality for acceleration)

3. X11/Firefox validated, and externally powered USB Mouse/ Keyboard

New Features:

1. Extensible architecture - auto detect DSP and codec availability, SW fallback always on, Decode and Display plugins provided in the package.

2. Full screen mode is enabled when DSP is enabled (DM3730 only)

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