Wednesday, February 9, 2011

HW Accelerated Flash10 Presentation (not just decode)

Flashplayer 10.2 debuted this week, with improved video performance. One of the key features that 10.2 brings in, is StageVideo - that can use not just HW acceleration for Video decoding, but also uses HW for other display related actions (compositing, scaling, colour conversion).

What does it really require, and how is it achieved ? The less documented facts are below, on how to make this work. Note that the focus is on using the GPU.

"To make sure stage video will be available, you must use wmode="direct" at all times. This mode is highly recommended for video playback. It uses Direct3D on Windows and OpenGL on Mac OS and Linux to actually perform video frame compositing directly through the GPU. The limitation is that, in this mode, Flash Player runs in its own context and having overlapping HTML content on top of the player is not possible, for instance. If you decide to go with any other mode, such as wmode="window", wmode="opaque", or wmode="transparent", you highly decrease the chances (see note) to have stage video available. As a result, for consistency, it is highly recommended to use wmode="direct" at all times."How good would it be if this could be

The Flash10 HW accelerated version from TI will be going live soon, look out in this section.

TI Graphics SDK - and Frameworks

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  1. Great News. Is this going to be available for the wider community, not just silicon customers?