Sunday, February 23, 2014

1Q 2014 Linux Graphics SDK release update

1Q 2014 Linux Graphics SDK release update - 

Linux Graphics SDK alpha release is now available for download at-

New/Changes in this release
  • NEW  - AM43x support validated on both Beta ePOS and GP EVM.
  • NEW - 3.12  kernel (3.12.9) support. Please see release notes for the details on the kernel used for validation. Validated on AM335x and AM43x EVMs.
  • NEW - Suspend/resume support validated on both AM335x and AM43x EVMs.
  • NEW - rc.pvr, updated with MIT license packaged.
Component Software version details used in this release
  • Based on the IMG Linux 1.10 RC DDK (1.10@2359475)
  • PowerVR SDK3.0.
  • This is a hardfloat release package only. Should be used with hardfloat/hardfp toolchain & hardfp file systems.
Please refer to the release notes for more details.

Release notes-

User guide-

Debugging guide-


  1. The name of the download Graphics_SDK_setuplinux_hardfp_5_01_01_01.bin) suggests a hard float requirement. Is this so? If so, what are the kernel config requirements? I am using a DM3730, on 3.13.2 kernel with NEON enabled (though I noticed a disabled errata due to MMU and MULTIPLATFORM)?

  2. The requirement is on the hardfloat toolchain, not on the kernel

  3. For the SDK, dm3730 and linux 3.13.2, I rebuilt my tools for hardfloat and then my system. I'm stuck at the rc.pvr script, which gives the following:
    # /etc/init.d/rc.pvr start
    /etc/init.d/rc.pvr: line 110: /usr/local/bin/pvrsrvctl: not found

    pvrsrvctl does exist in that location:
    # ls -l /usr/local/bin/pvrsrvctl
    -rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 5660 Apr 16 2014 /usr/local/bin/pvrsrvctl

    Perhaps the error is printed by pvrsrvctl for some file that it wants.

    As pvrsrvctl comes as a blob, I'm not sure how to proceed. Any suggestions?