Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Moksha - HTML5/CSS with Snowshoe/Qt5.0.1

Qt5.0.1 was released recently, and Qt5.0.1, and its Webkit2 build are now available for testing on TI platforms. To show-case the capability of HTML5 based Data visualisation on TI platforms with Webkit2, a simple CSS layout has been created to be readily used for evaluation in compliant Browsers.

Snowshoe, a Qt5 QML based browser has been used for this experiment. CSS, SVG, and Webkit specific optimisations are used. AM335x EVM was the HW platform used.

Video snapshot of the HTML5 capabilities, using the Moksha layout is available at below link:


Detailed information on running the demo are available at,


Snowshoe Patches, and HTML/CSS layout files are available at,



  1. I tried running your Moksha demo with my qt5.0.1/webkit2/snowshoe configuration on my TMDSSK3358 Starter Kit but I don't seem to get the same performance as you. If I run html5test.com I only get a 10/25 score on webgl - in particular it states that "3D context = no". I suspect that is why my setup performs less. Did you fix anything to make webgl wrok in combination with qt5.0.1/webkit2/snowshoe?


    Ps. All my qt5 demos work with eglfs and minimalegl so hw acceleration is working and available.

    1. Hello Martin, yes you need some patches for WebGL context creation....I will post them this week. You should get close to 330 with them. What are you getting now ?

    2. Hi Prabindh,

      Thanks for your response - I think you are doing some really cool experimental stuff there on the Sitara platform.

      I'm getting a score of 304 - I think that's pretty good considering I've haven't really done much work yet to add dependencies to enable specific features such as audio and audio codecs etc.. With some more dependency work and your webgl patches I hope to hit a high score.

      I'm looking forward to your webgl patches because the performance that I'm getting right now on my Sitara device with even basic html5 test applications is really no good for the UX prototype applications that I want to do :(

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