Saturday, February 2, 2013

Status of PRUSS control on the Webkit2/B2G Browser

Based on the Qt5 webkit2/ B2G work on AM335x, an effort is made to run Python based PRU control from within a browser (for js support).

Current status:
  1. Unable to get brython to load pypruss module (.so) as it looks only for .js files. This seems to be a limitation of brython.
  2. Unable to get PRU basic examples to run, as no interrupt seems to occur from PRU, even with normal Python run. This must be a solvable problem as there are examples out there in the wild, confirmed working.

    Minor patches over pypruss are available at,
  1. Qt5 Webkit2 (Refer, or B2G browser
  2. AM335x platform - either EVM/SK/ or Beaglebone
  3. Kernel compiled with below options


  4. pypruss package from

5. Brython package from

How to run:

After ensuring regular run via Python invocation works, try it on browser.
Place all the required files (.bin, .so) in same folder of Brython.

$$ cd Brython
$$ QtTestBrowser -platform minimalegl ./pru-test.html


  1. I've made a setup package for the PyPRUSS library, so maybe you can give it another try?

  2. Thanks a lot Elias - If the uio pruss is enabled in the kernel itself, the modprobe steps do not apply, I am wondering what else can go wrong. Will download new package and try again...