Monday, June 25, 2012

1Q update of Linux Graphics SDK

1Q update of the Graphics SDK is available on the extranet:

  • NEW - Based on the IMG Linux 1.7 DDK latest RC Release (1.7 RC867897)
  • NEW - PowerVR SDK 2.10.863987
  • NEW - Support for AM335x SK board (sanity tested).
  • NEW - EGLIMAGE command line option introduced for supporting eglimage extension(selectable during make install of graphics SDK. By default this is zero(not enabled). Bufferclass texture streaming extension is enabled by default).
  • NEW - Xorg sources tarball with patches available under targetfs/xorg_source folder of graphics SDK release
  • NEW - Pixmap unit test application packaged under GFX_Linux_SDK/ti-components/pixmap_2_triangles_test folder of the Graphics SDK release. This can be used to run when graphics SDK is built with FBDEV=no command line option.It generates a raw image output file that can be viewed with image viewers that support viewing raw image files.

More information at,

Download information and other links at,


  1. Can you make your links clickable?

  2. Hi, is there a matrix to show which version of kernel vs. version of SDK that work for the processor? i.e. OMAP35x: kernel ver. vs SDK ver.

  3. Hi, is this version able to run with mainline v3.0 and/or above for OMAP35x processor?

  4. OMAP35x (SGX ES version < 1.2.5) is not validated anymore. For platforms with SGX ES version 1.2.5, the release notes specify the kernel versions tested with.

    For example, the AM335x is tested with 3.x kernels, as specified below:

  5. What is the last validated SGX package & Linux kernel version that works with SGX ES v1.2.1 that are running on Beagleboard Cx board (OMAP3530 ES3.1)?

  6. Is it possible to configure Qt with the '-static' parameter such that the final application uses static libraries of the PowerVR?

  7. There are no static libraries of PowerVR. Is this a Linux system you are referring to ?

  8. Yes, this is a Linux system and intention is to build, package and deploy the Qt application binaries that uses the PowerVR OpenGLES2 into a single tarball.

    Tried adding '-static' to ./configure but the examples/opengl/hellogl_es2 is unable to run.
    "./hellogl_es2 -qws -display powervr" reported
    "powervr: driver not found

    "./hellogl_es2 -qws" runs the application but with a blank(black) center.

    Reconfigured without using '-static' and the example run properly.

    Is there a way around this?

  9. No way around this. Qt plugins are built dynamic only. On top of it, SGX drivers are also on a dynamic framework only.