Saturday, February 25, 2012

SGX Video streaming with QGLWidget/ QGraphicsScene

One of the recent additions to the SGX Graphics SDK - has been the video streaming capabilities - that allow beautiful 3D effects on streaming video (or regularly updating RGB textures), without the overhead of converting YUV to RGB in the CPU or the overhead of the texImage2D(). Though this was useful, it remained largely unintegrated into Windowing systems like Qt that are commonly used in the Linux world, and hence limited to full-screen applications.

This post introduces v3dfx-base, and the Qt wrappers, that allow customers to integrate video streaming with SGX, using either QGLWidget or QGraphicsScene based wrappers (Hello QML!). And if this does not suit - just take the framework independent library alone !

Following are some of the key features of the package:

- Split into a framework independent library, and Qt wrappers for QGLWidget, and QGraphicsScene, and test applications

- Wraps BOTH imgstream, and eglimage with a single API. Note that eglimage work is still ongoing and not complete

- Tested with Qt4.8, kernel 2.6.37, Graphics SDK

Get started with the full source code, test applications and documentation at,

Next step would be to integrate with gstreamer to provide real data. Volunteers welcome !

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