Thursday, March 10, 2011

New SGX Graphics Driver Release for Linux now available!


New SGX Graphics Driver Release for Linux now available !

New SGX Graphics SDK supporting 387x/389x/OMAP35x/OMAP37x, and with updated SGX drivers is now available from the download link at,

The release notes for this release is available at,

Features in this release

  • [NEW] Workqueue support implementation integrated from IMG DDK

  • [NEW] Active power management supported on OMAP35x/37x devices.

  • [NEW] make help command updated to show mapping between OMAPES command line option and TI chipset.

  • [NEW] Included pvr2d.h and wsegl.h in the release package under include folder of Graphics SDK root installtion(public versions – with public headers: (MIT-x license)). Qt users should use the included wsegl.h and pvr2d.h

  • [NEW] Included bc_cat.h(with BSD license)in the release package for applications which require to use buffer class streaming extension.

  • [NEW] Unit test report for 387x and 389x is now available in the release package(can be found under unittest folder present at Graphics installation root directory with file name : Graphics_SDK_4_03_00_02_38xx_Test_report.xls)

  • Bug fixes


Kernel(Linux PSP) versions used for validation

  • Tested with 2.6.37 kernel release on 389x platfom.

- TI816x(389x) Linux-PSP release (2.6.37)

  • Tested with 2.6.37-rc3 kernel on 387x platfom. Sanity tested with 2.6.37 kernel on 387x platform.
    - TI814x(387x) Linux-PSP Release
    - TI814x(387x) Linux-PSP Release - Sanity tests only.

  • Tested with 2.6.32 kernel on OMAP platforms
    - AM35x Linux PSP Release 03_00_01_06.
    - Display drivers with DSS2 support ie, CONFIG_OMAP2_DSS=y


  • CodeSourcery 2009q1 toolchain


  • Filesystem from SDK package

On 387x and 389x, fbdev module is dependent on the VPSS and Syslink modules.The required versions are listed below. Please refer to Linux-PSP User Guide for details on how to build and install the fbdev module.
HDVPSS Release : HDVPSS_01_00_01_26
Syslink Release : 02_00_00_67_alpha2
02_00_00_68_Beta1 - Only sanity tested.

Need to rebuild proc manager app - procmgrapp_release, do not use the one present under the HDVPSS_01_00_01_26 release (procmgrapp)
IPC Release
1_22_04_25 (for syslink version of 02_00_00_68_Beta1)

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