Friday, January 28, 2011

New SGX Graphics Driver for Linux now available !

New SGX Graphics SDK supporting 387x/389x, and with updated SGX drivers is now available from the download link at,

The release notes for this release is available at,

Features in this release

  • [NEW] 387x support
  • [NEW] This release is based on the latest 1.6 DDK ( from Imagination technologies Ltd(IMG)).
  • [NEW] Pixmap - Removed Fbdev dependancy (supported on 387x/389x platforms only)
  • [NEW] PLL clock configuration as part of SGX driver initialization. Removed dependancy from u-boot.
  • [NEW] New demos from IMG have been added that use OGLES2.0 and OGLES1.1. The demos are FilmTV and Water. The ChameleonMan and PhantomMask demos are now supported with OGLES2.0 only.

Kernel, Toolchain used for validation

  • Tested with 2.6.34 and 2.6.37-rc3 kernel releases on 389x platfom
    • TI816x(389x) Linux-PSP EA2 release (2.6.34 kernel)
    • TI816x(389x) Linux-PSP release (2.6.37-rc3) and HDVPSS_01_00_01_25.
  • Tested with 2.6.34 kernel on 387x platfom
    • TI814x(387x) Linux-PSP Release and HDVPSS_01_00_01_25. Also required is the Fbdev support patch for the kernel.
  • Tested with 2.6.32 kernel on OMAP platforms
    • AM35x Linux PSP Release 03_00_01_06.
    • Display drivers with DSS2 support ie, CONFIG_OMAP2_DSS=y
  • CodeSourcery 2009q1 toolchain
  • Filesystem from PSP package

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