Sunday, October 3, 2010

Flash10.1 on TI Sitara platform devices

The preliminary version of Flash10.1 on Linux on TI AM/DM/37xx, is available for download (on request) at the below link.

This is a demonstration release, and work is underway to release the next version with DSP optimised video playback.

There has been active discussions in different communities on this release. Below are some links that have active discussions on this package.

Below link has a Youtube video of Flash10 running on a Pandora device with this package.


Depending on the version of the browser that is being used, end users might need to move the plugin to the appropriate plugin folder.

What can be done with this preliminary release ?

- Video playback (ofcourse!)

- All cool features of Flash10 available now on TI platforms. Ex, Pixel bender is a very interesting way of using Flash's native way of rendering video, now with 3D (or arbitrary) effects. To see an example,

Feedback continues to be useful, so please post feedback on Flash 10.1 on the E2E forums.

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