Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Performance Profiling of GUIs on OMAP3

Na2dperf allows user to create and measure performance parameters of specific
end use-cases for Graphical UIs built on TI SOCs.

It also allows user to create dynamic libraries (that export the required interfaces) that can be dynamically loaded into the framework and performance to be measured without writing extra code.

The framework measures the below 3 key parameters for any UI developer:

- First screen show time
- Each screen update time
- Average CPU load during the run

The application allows the developer to pass in various configuration parameters of the UI - type and number of widgets and their detailed properties including alpha settings, frame rate control, and type of textures and backends to be used.

Validated with lighthouse/Qt 4.7.0 on OMAP3 Linux and Windows

Grab the code via SVN or Browse the code at,


Coming next, Android support...

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